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Business Opportunity


How can a person become an Independent Product Consultant of Tahitian Noni International? How can one join this business?

A few simple steps should be followed:

- Access the web address (the link below):
- Access the « Opportunities » section, then the « Register now » one (top left part of the web page). Then, fill in all the required information (don’t forget to tick the «previous purchase plan» option, that is to agree to a monthly acquisition of a box with 4 one litre bottles of TAHITIAN NONITM Juice, with the value of 120 points). If you don’t tick this option, you will not benefit by the bonuses and commissions offered by the Tahitian Noni International.
- The registration fee is 110 Ron, representing the start package. A box with TAHITIAN NONITM Juice, 4 one litre bottles cost 500 Ron , equivalent to 120 points.

What shall I do if I don’t manage the register ?

Try to acces this link and follow the registration steps: https://www.tahitiannoni.com/united_kingdom/uk_english/retail/ipc_app/index.html?ID=2797508

If you don’t manage, we will help you with the registration. You have to sent your personal data to our mail address: admin@tahitian-noni.ro, according to the registration form and the bank form and we will register you. When you send your mail, please mention the words « Registration Tahitian Noni » at the « Subject » section.

You may also register yourself by filling in the registration form and the enclosed bank form and fax them to 0800 894 312, together with a copy of your identity card. These documents should be filled in with a pen!!! The phone/fax number 0800 894 312 is available only at Romtelecom and it is a free number offered by Tahitian Noni International.

How will I get the commissions from the company ?

The only condition to get it is to order a box with 4 one litre bottles of TAHITIAN NONITMJuice, each month. Their price is 500 Ron, equivalent to 120 points. If you skip one month and don’t order the box, you won’t get the commissions in that month.

The Fast Start commissions will be paid weekly on each Friday and Unilevel commissions will be paid once a moth, on the 20th day.

To get the bonus you’ll have to fill in the bank form you’ll get from the company and then you’ll have to send it to the company with your personal bank data – Iban code.

Tahitian Noni International will send you regularly letters with information about your sales and bonuses by mail or by on-line office.

Which is my additional pay ?

The extra-pay offered by Tahitian Noni International is 20%. Tahitian Noni International will offer a 72 Ron bonus for each sale, equivalent to 120 points, in addition to the 120 points which are compulsory every month. So, for each box of bottles with TAHITIAN NONITM Juice you have ordered (sold or not sold afterwords), you will get 72 Ron as a bonus. For only one box ordered a month you will not get the bonus. (For one box with 4 one litre bottles of TAHITIAN NONITM Juice, you will get 120 points).

How should Tahitian Noni International products be ordered ?

You can order them by e-mail or telephone. There is also a free phone number if you are registered. After you have ordered them, the products will be sent by express delivery.

They will be delivered directly to the clients. In this case the client should buy the whole packet (the box with 4 one ltre bottles of TAHITIAN NONI TM Juice) and you will benefit by the 72 Ron bonus from the Tahitian Noni International from the purchase of the second case of TAHITIAN NONITMJuice.

If you don’t register yourself and you want to order TAHITIAN NONI™ Juice, you can do it by accessing « Order » section of our web site.

Do I get a registration number ?

After registration you will be given an IPC number (of 7 figures) and a password useful to access your Noni Office by internet.

You will also be offered a personalized web site which will enable you to work on Internet and find new business partners from all over the world. The site is made in more international languages.

How can I control the activity of the members of my group ?

With your IPC number and password you will be able to acces your Noni Office where you can find all the information regarding the members of your group, your business network etc. Here, you can check your daskline activity, the persons registered recently etc.

Can the products be sold on the web site ?

The Independent Product Consultants of Tahitian Noni International are not allowed to sell the products on sites such as virtual stores, auctions or shopping web pages.

The Tahitian Noni International products can be sold by the Independent Product Consultans on web pages owned by themselves.

Before posting advertisements in your web pages, meant to sell Tahition Noni International products, you have to contact TNI-UK Office, the « Compliance » section.

Is there a minimum prequieed purchase of products ?

In order to get the bonus, the minimum order each month should be at least 120 points (500 Ron).

For extra information what should one do ?

You can write to us, our e-mail address is: admin@suc-noni.ro, and we’ll give you an answer as soon as possible. Write « Extra information needed » at the «Subject» section of the mail.

Things will become clear after your registration when you will get the « start packet», including :

- a guide regarding the Tahitian Noni International policies
- the TAHITIAN NONITMJuice booklet
- 3 bank form
- 3 application forms
- welcome letter from the president of the company
- DVDs with the best clips about Tahitian Noni International («Origin and Destiny», «Find your place»)
- catalogue of products
- materials paper case

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